ICOM f/w updates, wfview updates information


there have been a few discussions at times where people point out that ICOM “easily” could add a feature to rigs. the same happens to us as well.

A few things here:

First of all ICOM will add features when there is a reason to believe that the ROI is enough to warrant changes. Given how well ICOMs updates generally are, we’re not talking about someone just adding something to a codebase in an hours time.

Also, many people just don’t realize that hardware limitations may have been a reason not to add something. For instance, the 7600 had a scope added and initially the plan was to also have an audio scope but that was dropped due to hw constraints.

Now. when it comes to wfview, we have a few patreon supporters that cover some of the costs and
time we put into developing free and open software.

Luckiliy there are a few external developers that help us in adding things and we like that. The cool part of open source, you know?

so recap: ICOM cannot just easily add some funky thing

wfview is work in our free time.

if you want to help us : https://www.patreon.com/wfview

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