iCom IC-7100 audio

Hello all,

I’ve managed to connect WFView up to my iCom IC-7100 and am enjoying the PC control features. I’m running Mac OS and it is working fine.

I’ve tried to connect in through the LAN from another laptop (this one a Windows) and, although I can control the VFO, ATU, AF, RF gain, etc, there is no sound.

Come to think of it, there is no sound coming through the Mac (connected via USB).

In the settings tab, do I need to set ‘Audio Output’ to my laptop’s speakers? Or the USB Audio Codec (to/from the radio)? Likewise with ‘Audio Input’, to the laptop’s microphone or the USB Audio Codec?

Thanks in advance,

Hi Michael.

For audio to function, the audio input/output on the server computer must be set to the USB Codec devices of the radio. On the ‘client’ computer, they should be set to whatever devices you want to use.

73 Phil