Icom IC-765

Hi, is there any chance to include the ICOM 765 in your future developments?

Hi Massimo,

I’m up for it. But I was unable to find a good reference for what CI-V commands the 765 has. I’m guessing it’s the same as the IC-760 and IC-761, since the 765 was made just like the 760 except for trading IF-Shift for PBT I believe.

If you can point me to any kind of reference for what features this radio supports over CI-V, then we can add it.


de W6EL

Think this is addressed wrong.

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the IC765 CI-V commands are the most popular ones, except for PTT that I can control only separately via the PC RS232

If that’s the case, we can probably duplicate one of the other basic old-school HF rig profiles. I’ll give it a shot at least. I saw a mention of the 761 in an older Icom CI-V document that’s floating around; the commands did seem pretty much like the standard set.

Hi Elliott, the IC765 CAT is quite limited, but I still use it with my PC for basic applications like SW loggers, Hamradio Deluxe, etc.
You my find the CI-V instructions here:

Thanks for keeping me posted

Hi Massimo,

This is great, I had not seen this particular CI-V reference before.

Thank you,

de W6EL