Icom IC705 - TX Jumping intermittent WSJTX


I have set my laptop up with WFVIEW and have it connected to my IC705, so far the connection is great and i have rig control ect however when i TX on WSJTX, even just on tune mode to send a carrier the TX is very intermittent over a 10s period when its set to tx i may only get the odd bust of 1s of tone, can anyone help?

which version of wfview do you use?

Maybe you can run the s/w with logging on and check the wfview log itself (eventually send/attach the relevant parts).

It’s known that the 705 does not have a very good implenentation of wireless so if the loss is large, it may very well encounter issues.

I’ve been having that problem with WSJT-X too. I haven’t tried it in about 5 days but what I observed would not point to a large loss since my computer is about a foot from the IC705. Bad designs and manufacturing errors do exist but I think they would have caught it before selling them. I’ve heard that it works well with RS-BA1 v2 but I haven’t seen it with my own eyes. In all my playing with it, I noticed a sensitivity to the modulation gain setting in the radio but as soon as I decided that it must be related to the cause of the problem, I couldn’t duplicate the results. Then I noticed that when the problem was at its worst was when the waterfall setting was in the “center” mode and if I switched to the “fixed” mode, the next transmission would be much cleaner. Then I noticed that sometimes in the “fixed” mode it might start getting bad and switching to “center” would improve things, although not as clearly as the other case. Then I noticed if it was bad in “fixed”, switched to “center” and still was bad, switching back to “fixed” would usually clear it up for at least a few transmission cycles. The improvement usually took one receive cycle to clear up. What made me quit was that after I was sure I was on to something, the results started getting less decisive and I think I developed an overuse condition in my right wrist. It did seem to work better though if the modulation gain setting in the IC705 was around 10 or lower and the software attenuation in WSJT-X adjusted to produce a good ALC indication on the IC705.