Icom R8500 support

Hi all,

Does this software support the IC R8500?

Under the page

I see it listed but on the main page and in the code I only see its newer brother the IC R8600 listed.

I haven’t looked into if the R8600 is command compatible with the R8500 and if I could simply pretend its the R8600 or not.


Hi Anton,

We have not coded up any support for that particular radio. The R8600 is quite different!

You could try it if you want, but there will not be any waterfall since the radio doesn’t provide it. Just basic controls.

de W6EL

So there must be a typo on the page that Anton refers to, it says “85” and not “86”.

Yes it was a typo, I have corrected it!

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Thanks for the quick replies.
Maybe ill dig into the code a bit further and add support for it, minus the things it cant do, like the waterfall, because its a nice radio and I do like the control interface of wfview.

Hi Anton.

You are more than welcome to give it a go, We have a tutorial which explains what is required to add a new radio to wfview Tutorial: How to add new radios | wfview

73 Phil M0VSE

Awesome, that just made my life much easier. I was expecting to have to go digging and try and work out how it was being done for the other radios. Its great you have a page for it.

Do you accept external merge requests on your gitlab?

Sure, but make sure to be quite clear about what it does. Also, sometimes we will rework the code and merge it differently. Just FYI.

We love contributions!

Looking forward to it,

de W6EL