ICOM Radios losing LAN / WLAN connection

Not sure if this is a general ICOM radio issue but both my radios IC-7610 and IC-705 eventually lose the data connection with wfview and require a reboot of the radio to get the connection to work again. I also had this problem when using RS-BA1 so I suspect it is something to do with the radio. The 7610 is LAN connected and the 705 WLAN so does not appear to be the connection method. Any help?
ps both radios can still be pinged on the network at the correct IP address even when not responding.

Hi Simon.

There can be any number of causes for this, they can usually be broken down to either network congestion or PC/CPU congestion. It is very difficult to diagnose, but I very rarely (almost never) see network disconnections on any of my radios (using all good quality managed switches, commercial wireless access points and a reasonably high-spec i7 laptop).

Lower cost routers/switches/APs designed for home use are often not good at UDP streaming due to the high number of packets. Both ends of the audio connection (wfview and radio) are sending around 1 KB packets EVERY 20ms (50 times a second) this can overwhelm some devices.

Incidentally, you shouldn’t need to reboot the radio. If you can’t reconnect, this usually indicates a network related issue which has caused the radio to lose communication with wfview/RS-BA1 so they haven’t been able to properly close the connection. In this situation, the radio will not accept another connection for about 2-3 minutes, but should then allow you to reconnect.

The next time this happens, I would definitely recommend checking the wfview Log. It will attempt to retransmit lost packets, but after about 2 seconds of receiving no response, it will give-up.

73 Phil M0VSE

Hi Phil
Many thanks for the info. APs are TP Link EAP110s which are reasonably good although I use basic netgear 5 port switches. I will take a look at the log as you suggests and see if there is anything in there. It generally seems to happen when the radio is dormant / disconneced or I have switched it off using the software etc.
Thanks again.

Restarts hardly are needed, rigs time-out after a minute of five.


If you put the rig into standby then although it responds to pings and other connection requests, it is effectively switched-off. In this situation, you will almost certainly need to disconnect wfview as well before you can re-connect.

73 Phil M0VSE