IF Shift, etc. In Show More


Embarrassed to ask, but could not find it in the User Manual.

When clicking on Show More:

What, please, is:

IF Shift
PBF Inner
PBF Outer

and, how utilized ?


Hi Bob,

These functions are only implemented on some radios. IF Shift is shifting the intermediate frequency, which is not really what happens on an SDR, but it achieves the same result anyway.

The other two controls are for adjusting the passband.

As far as I know, these are only implemented on the 7300,705,7850, 9700, and 7610. But I could be wrong.

de W6EL

Hi Bob and Elliott,

This works on an R8600 too. When pushing the knob “Dial C” you can actually see the indicators move while the 3 sliders are moved in wfview.


in fact, any rig that has PBT has this. Now, we cannot guarantee that every rig has a way to external control it but…