Install and Function Oddity on Windows 11 Pro


I have experienced 2 oddities after trying to install Wfview on a new Windows 11 Pro laptop.

  1. during the install I got the following error but was able to continue:

This appears to just be the inability to install a version of Visual C… appears this might be a possible cause of the next problem… font rendering and space?

  1. Wfview configured and did run correctly however the UI is messed up and a bit hard to read:

There does not seem to be much light shed on these two issues, so I am sharing. Any observations would be welcome… particulalrly how to fix the UI.

Jack - KD4IZ

Hi Jack,

I’m not sure about the install error message, but the text size is an issue with the DPI of the display.

See here: Display resolution? - #2 by phil

Let me know if that helps,

de W6EL


I had several issues when I first installed on Windows 10 Pro. I discovered however that if installed inside Safe Mode the issue did not exist and it ran perfectly within my User Profile. The issue is not with wfview from what I can tell as it happens frequently enough with other programs that use the particular version of Visual C. Hope this helps. Eric KD7CAO

Did you you try installing as admin?

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Hi Elliott,
It did not. I will try installing as admin, even though not had to do it before. Let you know.

Not the solution the VC install error.

I went through a number of convolutions of the display size and percentages - things changed but the UI was still kinda wacked. Text sizes are definitely an issue.


OK… final word is the resolution does fix with the QT variable. I mis-typed the first time and caught it when I went to delete. Oh well.

Hi Jack.

Elliott’s solution has nothing to do with the install error, you can usually safely ignore it though as it often means you already have the MSVC+ runtime installed. You will know if not as wfview will not run AT ALL.

The problem with text is likely because you must have your Windows text scaling set to more than 100% but I suspect you aren’t using an ultra-HD display so I don’t think the high DPI fix will work for you?

The only solution is to set scaling to 100% within the Windows control panel I suspect, although have you tried adding the environment variable as it might work?

73 Phil M0VSE

Ah that’s good then :blush:

As I said, if wfview runs, you can ignore the installation error. I do plan to rewrite the installation script to be a bit more intelligent but it is largely a cosmetic issue with the installer.

73 Phil


Thanks to you, Elliott, and the rest of the team this is a fantastic utility already, even though a “Work-In-Progress”. I opened this query because as far as I could tell, there was not a thread that answered the questions when I used the search facility on the Forum. It is there now, I have an interim solution, and the the VCinst issue is moot for me. I wonder if your script should just test to see if the library is already on board and in the path… if not, then branch to an install or a halt. This was a pretty much virgin install of Windows 11 Pro and the library was apparently there. Good to know.

Best to All!

Jack Spitznagel – KD4IZ

Associate Editor – AMSAT News Service

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