Install Issue

Just tried to install on new lap(new to me) and I keep getting the following messages.
Missing MSVCP140DLL
so I don’t know if this is alaptop issue or Wfview? A way you can help I would appreciate. Windows 10

Hi Terry,

Try searching our forum for those DLL names, you’ll se that this is a common issue. Simply put, windows needs libraries installed. Definitely do a search (use the magnifying glass at the top-right) and see if you can find the answer. (Plus I don’t personally use windows, so I’d just be regurgitating whatever I find when I do the search anyway).

de W6EL


So what OS do you use and what is preferred for “wfview”?

Hi Vincent,

You should use whatever OS you’re most comfortable with. wfview really does work for Mac, Windows, and Linux. As a matter of principle I only use Linux (currently Linux Mint 20.3 on my desktop system), but I can understand people choosing to use other operating systems. We’ll always do our best to support these platforms.

The issue of libraries and dependencies isn’t really tied so much to any one platform. Every platform has similar requirements. That said, most linux distros have the advantage of having a command-line package manager (such as apt or yum), which makes installing dependencies very simple.

As for what is “preferred”, I don’t really know! Phil has done a lot of work to make sure that the windows and mac builds work as well as they can, and we have certainly made sure that the features are all the same. I can tell you that the Windows downloads outnumber the other platforms, however, (and this is especially so with Linux) we don’t have a way to tell how many people build from source, which is a popular option judging from the support forum questions on this topic.

de W6EL


Those files are the Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime, which should be installed by the wfview installer. If the installation failed for some reason, you will find the file vc_redist.x86.exe in the c:\Program Files (x86)\wfview directory. Just run that installer again.