Install Wfiew fails

installation wfview is aborted here with Error popup
i can not show the exact popup message picture here
guess this is an old problem that is well known only i do not understand why an install is not a real install?
i says
Error during installation process (org.wfview.wfview):
Cannot start: “C:\Program Files (x86)\wfview\vc_redist.x86.exe/passive/
norestart”:Process failed to start: Het systeem kan het opgegeve bestand niet vinden.

hoi Jaap,

if it pops up but wfview starts up, just disregard.

if it’s still failing, execute this once.

C:\Program Files (x86)\wfview\vc_redist.x86.exe

thanks will try that

let us know Jaap!

It’sa common known error. Not even sure if it’s an installer issue or something else. Phil might know.

what icom rig are you going to use?

hi still can’t install i have updated C++ X86 X64 as someone advised to do

but still missing parts

I use IC7100

rsBA1 V1.93 can not connect audio streams to the PC but the rig CAT works
btw the IC7100 workes with WSTx MSH in all digimodes

using Ico audio codec steams
the same streams should be able to send audio to the PC speaker and from the PC microphone

When i start WFview despite the install error I see a basic screen freq = 0.000

there is no setup list selection of rigs as used too to configure the connection with WFview
will continue puzzle to get the IC7100 working over network remote …


Just click Ignore and the error will go away!


i did the program opens but could not yet connect the IC7100

you must just run wfview. not the installer…

as stated:

if wfview runs. no need to do anything. If it fails. you then need to install the redist. (you have done so already then)

and did you install the icom drivers for the 7100?

(find the latest if this isn’t the latest, it’s just a quick search)

i have WFview connected with my IC7100 it is all straight forward in the manual no nonsense i like it
I set the server function on but on a 2nd PC in the same subnet i can’t see the IC7100 server
ping to the severe ip on name is 100%
what else can block this connection firewall ?

below the picture of the server settin the server is connected okay with the IC7100
i seem to have always problems with client server software but the internet is mostly okay… :wink:

switch off firewalls as a test locally to test.

also some remote control software may use udp ports 50001/2/3

thanks i will try ports 6001 2 3 and other what i can think of

good idea, you need to change on both ends

no change with port 60001 , the client shows the control port only, not the audio ports
to get audio over the network will be another challenge to me…

i heard from some user wo finally could use remote rsBA1 after changing those ports
The message leads however me to the impression is that the remote client does check the CI-V connection and not the network

if the client indeed looks wrong to the CI-V al other actions with alternative ports and firewall setting will not help.

can you generate a log and paste the link?

hi some screen shots

(Attachment WFview.docx is missing)

You’ll have to attach the screenshots as jpeg or png.

Also, we would like to see the logs. Please press “send to termbin” and then send us the URL that results.

sorry i do not understand what you mean by:

press “send to termbin”

are we talking about WFview ?