Installation ... can't find dll files

Maybe this is outside your scope of interest, if so, sorry. I have a working copy of wfview on a desktop PC but it would be more useful on my notebook. During install on notebook, error … “can’t find MSVCP.dll” and “VCRUNTIME140.dll” occurs. Sure enough … not there. I copied these from the desktop into the up-to-date notebook, system32 directory but it still reports same error. Advise?

HI Bill.

If you have just copied the contents of the wfview installation directory, rather than the installer, it won’t have installed the MS Visual C runtime, which is required.

You should either run the installer properly or there should be a file called vcredist_x86.exe in the wfview directory, run this and it will install the necessary files.

73 Phil M0VSE

Thanks Phil … I did run the installer wfview-win-v1.1 (7/26/21) on my notebook as downloaded. When run, it gives the ‘Can’t find’ message. Those files are in my notebook system32 directory as they are in that directory on my desktop PC which runs fine.

So I found the file called vcredist_x86.exe and copied it to a portable memory and ran it on the notebook. Install worked! I’ll finish up … should be OK. TNX!

After running the file, the wfview installation file ran properly and the program is working fine. Receiving good reports while around home on wifi with notebook. I am looking forward to getting remote from my local network on which the radio is running.

Tnx Phil

Bill (K2ILH)