Installation errors

When I try to clone the git repo I end up with an empty /opus-tools and

when running the I end up with:

Info: creating stash file
WARNING: Failure to find: opus-tools/src/resample.c
WARNING: Failure to find: opus-tools/src/speex_resampler.h
WARNING: Failure to find: opus-tools/src/arch.h
WARNING: Failure to find: opus-tools/src/resample_sse.h

also the dir /rtaudio is empty although I find no errors about that.

thist is what it ends with:
make: *** Er is geen regel om doel ‘opus-tools/src/resample.c’ te maken,
nodig voor ‘resample.o’. Gestopt.
make: *** Wachten op onvoltooide taken…
Error in make step.
wfview was not compiled.
Please consider posting the error(s) to

Hi Peter

As I have mentioned in previous threads, they are sub modules, from the repo directory:

git submodule init
git submodule update

Then build as normal.

73 Phil

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Hi Peter,

I added the highlighted code to the fullbuild script and it complied successfully.

de PK

This was my work around. I am sure the Dev team will merge all modules back into one build as soon as they are ready to.


Aha, thanks guys, now it works OK. I first tested it on my desktop, then also also on a netbook and on the Rpi with Ubuntu Mate 64bit.
It works on all three. I added the given lines in the script and used that on the netbook and the Rpi.
73 and keep up the good work. :+1:
Peter - PA0PJE

Thanks Phil, audio now 100% here, no more dropouts…

73 Jeff kb2m

Hi PK,

That’s a fine workaround, and pretty close to what I was going to add. Do you want to create a gitlab account, clone the script, edit, and submit a pull request? Then all I have to do is hit a button to update it :-).

Open source!

de W6EL

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I have updated the build script to properly do the submodules. You can modify the selected branch around line 80 in the build script. We try and keep the code that is pushed to the Master branch pruned well enough to at least compile and hopefully not crash. The other branches are more experimental and you may see some unintended behavior sometimes.

Please let me know about any success/failure with the script.


de W6EL

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Just ran the script with the default master branch. No issues…

73 Jeff kb2m