Interpretation of data in the bottom right corner

How do I interpret RX latency/rtt/ and loss in the bottom right corner? And How can I use this to optimize my remote connection?
I have for instance noticed that after opening a connection the RX latency grows from 100-200 ms up to 20.000-30.000 ms after a couple of hours. Closing Wfview in both ends and then open it again makes the latency go back to 100-200. And then slowly rise again…
Running an IC7300 remotely. Wfview on radio side rund on an older i3 with 8Mb RAM and a 50 dbM wifi signal from an AP connected to router and Internet over fiber.
/Ulf - SM0NOR

What OSes are on the two systems?

Are you using a VPN, or otherwise how are you getting into the server side from the remote client?

Win 11 on both ends.
Connecting straight ahead to the IP of the remote schack and then through the router’s port-forwarding