IP Addresses Question Please ? And, Rotary Shuttle


Really enjoying program.
Thanks so much for maki available.

Confused over this:

Have an Icom R8600

If I go to Network on the radio, it shows an
IP address of: xxx.xxx.x.122
In the program Settings /Network, it shows the same for Hostname, the xxxx.122

Everything works fine.

But if I look at that small screen Radio Status, it shows for User IP Address: xxx.xxx.x.142

Might someone please explain for me these
three IP addresses meanings ?

e.g. shouldn’t the .142 be also .122. ?
If not, why not ?

BTW: Will it possible to use one of those horizontal. knob rotary Shuttles in the near future ?
It was mentioned that it was near completion. Any schedule for releasing a version. with it ?


Hi Bob

.142 is the address of your computer (it is showing you who is connected to the radio).

We don’t have a release target for the Shuttle support at the moment.



Thank you.

Best regards,