Is there a way to send CI-V commands

Is there a way to send CI-V commands to a IC-705 Server and get the response?
In particular: Command 20 03 0200 Read the DV RX GPS/D-PRS
If it would be possible to read position and time form a IC-705 we can synchronize the raspi-clock for wsjtx. (I do all my SOTA-QSO’s in FT4/FT8 with wsjtx on raspi).
Tnx Andreas

Hi Andreas,

Within wfview, there is not an interface where you can do this. However, if you follow our directions to connect flrig, then you can use the “Send Command String” in flrig to do so. You could also use wfview’s virtual serial port and then write some python code to send the command and parse the return.

de W6EL

Thanks, it works! the CI-V command x23 x00 delivers with IC 705 all GPS-data (Lat/Lon/Alt/…/Date/Time) it would be great, if wfview would provide these data.

Glad it worked, Andreas.

We’ll add this to the feature requests list. It’s a long list, but it would be neat to support this.

de W6EL

Glad to hear! Thanks.