Is there any plan for i18n for this project?

Is there any plan for i18n for this project? My hams here, both old and young, like this simple and easy-to-use software, but the language limits a large number of people who have no foundation to make initial settings. If there is an Internationalization plan, how can I join the translation team? Thanks for your answer!

It is a good idea of course, and we are open to help. We’ve actually had a few people ask about it over the years.

What we have to do first is change a lot of the strings to “translatable” strings in the code. Then the translation engine can check a plaintext file to see if there is a translation available. And this file, of course, could be something we all get to work on.

I think also that the majority of the UI that has been defined using Qt Designer is already available for translation, but I am honestly not quite sure how to get that process going.

I will look into it. Even just the buttons and sliders would be pretty cool.

de W6EL

Well, it doesn’t seem too difficult. Qt’s free “linguist” program lets you click around and translate things as you wish.

When we reach a good spot we will announce it.

Contributors will need a copy of this linguist program, and an account on gitlab. Both are free of course.

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Well, I did some work and I have figured out how this works.

We will open a translation branch of the code soon and allow users to contribute translations. If you find Qt Linguist difficult to install, you can choose to edit the XML translation file instead, it’s not too difficult to see how it works.

Here is an example of what is probably very poorly-translated Japanese (I used google translate). Hopefully we will get some better translators on board soon!

Thank you for the idea and encouragement,

de W6EL


Japanese is no problem.
If I were to change the terminology, I would change it to “無線機” instead of “ラジオ”

I’m very happy to have Japanese support.