Is VCP in the current beta?

In the settings, how do I get a VCP to show up? Currently it says “None”. Do I need to install something that will show up on the list?

I want to use N1MM for logging via a VCP port.

Maybe this is not in the development yet. Please advise. Tnx!

WFVIEW is off to a great start! I got it working with my 7610 this morning and have been playing with it. There seems to be a fair amount of latency on receive, I’m guessing 400 to 500 msec. I did this with my watch, not very accurate! But the delay is pretty noticeable. I wonder if this can improve, I’m running on my LAN and WFVIEW set RTT is 2 msec.

Anyway, I’m very hopeful for this software!

Steve…Kilo Three Scotch Whisky

Hi Steve,

Welcome to the group! You are on the right path with N1MM. What operating system are you using?


de W6EL

Hi Stev,

I am assuming Windows?

Yes you need to install virtual serial port software as per Sharing Control | wfview

Once you have installed and activated the virtual port, simply select the newly created port in the Virtual Serial port dropdown. You will need to restart wfview to get the dropdown to populate with the new port(s).

Latency really shouldn’t be that high, especially on LAN. You can try reducing the RX latency slider in Settings (this is one of the few settings that can be changed live). Don’t forget to click Save once you have a reasonable level set.

One issue is that QtMultimedia (which we use for audio) isn’t designed for real-time audio and I think we have squeezed out as much as we can from it. I am looking at some alternative audio libraries at the moment that are better suited to this and will probably start testing once we have a v1 release “in the bag”

73 Phil M0VSE

Hi Elliot, Today I performed tests by dialoguing WF with RS-Ba1, WF connects to the RS-BA server the 7300 connected to rsba but I have no re-return answers. if you want I will pass you the log. 73 Ale

Hi Ale

Wfview has not been tested at all connecting to the RSBA1 server as it isn’t a configuration that we consider adds anything really, so I’m not at all suprised that it doesn’t work!



Hi Phil ,

thanks for the answer, I performed a test because I seemed to have understood that there was someone in the group who wanted to know if it could be used.

Thanks 73 Ale

Hi Ale,

We have always assumed that wfview would be used as the ‘server’ in this situation. Eventually there will be specific wfview-wfview modes available allowing such things as audio compression, which is something that the Icom software is sadly missing.

When I get some time, I will fix it so wfview can talk to the RSBA1 server :blush:

73 Phil

Thanks, I don’t need it, I said it for those who asked the question.

73 Ale

Sorry, I meant Phil, not Tim. My mind is going…I can feel it going…

Elliott and Tim,

Thanks for the notes! Yes, I’m using Win10 Pro. I’ll try com0com, that seems like the bottom price solution!