Just a couple of requests (if possible)

Hi guys, I will never stop saying thank you: you have done an exceptional job.
I have been testing WFView on 7610 and 705 via LAN for several months now. I would like to know if it was possible to add two features:

  • monitor on monitor off (if it is there I could not find it)
  • indication of the power (in%) on the TX slide

Obviously, thanks in advance.


mon on/off – yes that is something we are going to add. (I got quite some times where I had to disable mon via a diferent path)

the tx power currently is announced here in the left lower corner. Maybe @eliggett can look at it.

Many thanks Roeland.
I have installed the 1.2a but I don’t see the power indication in the lower left corner :confused:
Maybe I have to make up my mind to change my glasses

Try looking at the lower-left while you adjust the slider. You should see a percent show up (also applies to other sliders generally).

de W6EL

Yessir, I found it, thanks Elliott

73 Max