Kudos to the development team!

Experimented in the wpx cw , very part time due to other obligations, used wfview for audio and rig control…via the radio server…used anydesk and mm on the remote computer for sending…i have yet to be able to get rs-ba1 to work, after over a year of trying, wfview worked first time, audio seemed great, although after several hours of connected time, there was a lot of snap crackle pops…on the settings screen, there are some audio choices, what are tge definitions for the various choices? Also frustrated I couldnt get sidetone over the rigs usb codec, despite having it turned on…i know thats a problem with the 7300, didnt know it affected the 7610 as well…looking forward to future enhancements !!

73, Jamie WW3S

Hi Jamie,

Phil is working on an entirely new audio back-end that should solve most of the clicks and pops. I don’t think there is much you can do right now to remove them. You can crank up the “RX Latency” slider to make them a little further apart though.

I’m surprised about the sidetone, that is interesting. I’ll look into it.

de W6EL

are you referring to the cw sidetone?

Yes… cw sidetone…cant get it over the usb codec…

Yes you can.

SET → Connectors → USB AF/IF Output → AF Beep/Speech… Output = ON

Björn SM7IUN

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Bjorn, are you actually using that as a means to get remote audio? Thru the 7610 codec? As myself , and many others, cannot make that work…also, same with 7300, and that was verified by the author of win4icom…

I am pretty sure that this is for the beeps when you push buttons as well as the speech synthesizer stuff.

Unless changed, cw sidetone is not carried remotely. (You don’t want that anyways, monitoring should be produced locally anyways as it’s hard if not almost impossible to talk or do high speed cw (not talking about 8/12 wpm) with the round trip times of any remote software for most of the people.

Through no effort on my part I get the 7300’s sidetone and transmit (only) audio from WSJT through my Chrome Remote Desktop (CRD) connection. I don’t see any way of setting up audio in CRD so I don’t understand how it’s happening.