Lan connection for the 7610

I hope someone on this group can lead me in the right direction. My router (Netgear Nighthawk X10 Ad7200) is located on the 2nd floor. So I do not have the capability to connect to it from the shack in the basement. I did try a TP-Link 300 Mbps wireless N Nano router model # TL-WR802N. But it does pick up the Router and it of course is not communicating with the radio. I did all of the network items and CI-v as per Youtube videos. When I shut down the radio to does go either to Standby (for remote control) and Shutdown. I use the shutdown to shut off the radio. If I press the Standby for remote control the red blinking led is working. Pressing the power button turns the radio back on. Any ideas and or suggestions would be vey helpful. I did purchase the RS-BA2 new version but have to wait a few weeks to receive from DX Engineering being its backlogged. Version 1.30 is installed and working like it should.

Tnx, John

Hi John,

Let me make sure I understand. Your basement has a TL-WR802N, and this device connects to your existing wifi network, and gives you an ethernet port, to which you connect the IC-7610? Is that the setup? Followup question, is the TL-WR802N designed to operate as a “bridge”?


de W6EL

just what Eliott says,
also it is better if you use a static IP for both the router and the 7610: Menu-> Network-> IP Address (Valid after Restart)

Elliott, the TL-WR802N according to the manual says, its capable to do Range extending , Client and Access point. The unit is next to the 7610 and Yes I do have the ethernet cable from the radio to the TL. But it, the TL, does not pick up the router on the 2nd floor. Do I have to connect the TL directly to the router so the router recognizes it ? Than can I bring the TL back to the radio room and connect the radio to it ? My WIN10 computer, which is in the shack, does connect without issue to the internet wirelessly. The USB port on the back of the radio is connected as well with no issues.

Tnx, John