LAN vs USB connetction

Hi, after looking in to some videos Iv seen some difference, depending on if a radio is connected direct via LAN or via USB.
example, I can see some waterfall lagging on a ic-7300 vs a ic-705 or ic-760, where the later are much smother in rendering in wfview.
I’m interested in why, is it due to how data for the spectrum/waterfall is transferred?

Hi Tomas.

When a radio is connected over USB, the waterfall data is sent much less frequently to the client (and is sent in 11 “chunks”) this is a limitation of the radio/connection method.



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Ok, thanks for the explanation.
But both USB and LAN are using CI-V, its just the update freq that differs?

The actual packet structure is different as well, on LAN connected radios, each line of waterfall data is sent as a single packet, but on USB it splits it into 11 parts which are sent as separate CI-V commands. This is described in the CI-V Reference manual for each radio.

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The waterfall data are also sent out much less frequently on USB, likely to conserve bus bandwidth.

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