Latest used band not working

Wfview always goes to the same frequency and mode when I change band. In my case, if I chose 80M it will go to 3.698 AM. If I chose 40M it will always go to 7.050 AM. How do I resolve this? I’m confident it will reset itself to normal behavior if I delete the registry and start over. But there should be a more simple way. Is there a specific registry that causes this and a delete would help?
/Ulf - SM0NOR

Hi Ulf.

Wfview has no control over this, changing bands via the band buttons sends a band stacking register (BSR) command to the radio, the radio should then remember the frequency/mode that you last used in that band.

There is more information on BSR in the radio’s manual.

73 Phil M0VSE

we have a older issue about it.

the function does not work 100% yet.

Hi Ulf,

I now remember why this is. When you change frequencies on the radio, the radio stores the prior frequency, mode, filter, and data-on/off status in the BSR. The BSR is the “band stacking register” which is just three sets of recent frequency basically.

But when you change frequencies in wfview, for whatever reason, the radio does not update the BSR. I suspect on some radios it might but on these modern rigs it doesn’t for whatever reason.

The “solution” to removing annoying BSR entries, for now, is to walk over to the radio and change frequencies three or four times in each band, to zap out any unusual BSR that you had in there.

We may one day cache our own software-side BSR, which will eliminate this and also grant us some neat things like a proper BSR for 4M and 60M.

de W6EL

Aha! Thank you Elliott that sounds right. I will check this on the radio next time I’ll go to the remote QTH.
73’s - Ulf