List of Audio Input and Audio Output devices disappears

System: Dell Precison M4400 - Ubuntu 22.04

So I have some odd behavior.
When I reboot the wfview server ( has USB connection to IC7300 ) and the system comes back up, the whole list of Audio devices in wfview gets truncated to just 6 basic ones. But normally with radio attached and everything working correctly there are about 20 devices in the list, such as 'alsa-input Burr-Brown TI ’ … and ‘alsa-output Burr-Brown TI’… which are the ones I use to get audio in/out of radio

an lsusb shows the radio still connected ‘texas intruments PCM2901 audio codec’ plus ‘silicon labs CP201’

What is making all the devices disappear off the wfview list of devices?? During this event there is no radio reboot, and no disconnection of the USB cable, just a reboot of the host machine only

My only solution seems to be to unplug and plug the USB cable and restart wfview. Whats happening here?

How are you automatically starting wfview? What is that environment exactly?

I also am puzzled here. You restart the host (unbuntu) and you claim the 7300 in/output sources are shown in lsusb, right?

The only thing I can think of is that wfview is started before these devices are found.

So what @eliggett asks: how (and when) do you start wfview?

im currently using xRDP (Remmina) to get to the desktop of server machine and then i launch wfview in that window environment than I log out

What is that environment?

Details please.


thanks dimitri!
i will give that a try.