Lose connection when sending

Hi, if the connection to the router is lost while sending, then we have a problem. If I no longer have a connection to the router, I can no longer release the send button. How do you deal with that?

73 Ralf

set the TOT to a value of a few minutes might be a good idea

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Is there a TOT function on the iCOM 7300?

73 Ralf

I will do

Elliott wrone somewhere…

There is also a transmit timeout timer which specifically for the CI-V PTT command. That is, it is independent of any other transmit timer used for the mic key. You have to enter set mode on the radio to adjust this. It’s on page 12-5 (PDF page number is 120) of the “full” advanced manual. In any case, if you hit this timer, I think you’d just drop out of transmit mode and return to receive, with everything else continuing to function.

Thank you very much, I found and tested your setting, it works

Time-out-Timer (CI-V) 3min.

73 Ralf

Thank Elliott, I just copy/pasted :wink: