Lost Packets

I’ve installed the WFView binaries on a W10 machine and compiled it from source on a Linux Mint 20 machine. On both machines, the program appears to work: the rig control, waterfall and receive audio all work. I don’t notice any skipping with the audio, it sounds smooth. But, on both machines, the lost packet counter in the bottom right of the screen is constantly increasing at a high rate.


Hi Mark

Lost packets are usually an indication of a network issue, On wired or WiFi to my 9700, 7610 or 705 I see very few lost packets.

73 Phil

i am using the latest beta version by directly compiling the source code.
I have no problem with lost packages, in fact I have gone from a large percentage of losses with the precompiled versions to virtually none with the current source code.
The network I use is complicated … 7300 <-usb-> pi4 <-eth-> wifi client <. . . .> Wifi AP ← eth → FTTH ← internet —> FTTH <–> PC
and I have rtt of 8 to 12ms and latencies not exceeding 100ms. Approximately 1 packet lost out of every 50,000.

Check your network, especially if you have a WiFi hotspot. And compile the source code. You will go much better.

Thanks for the reply,

The PC and the 7610 are directly hardwired with CAT6 cable to ports on the same gigabit ethernet switch. What kind of network issues should I be looking for?

My Linux machine is report rx latencies around 25 ms.

I have the same lost packet situation on a Windows 10 machine using the pre-compiled binary and on a Linux Mint machine where I did compile WFV from source. The network is simple. The computers (both Windows and Linux) and the 7610 are connected with CAT6 cables to ports on the same gigabit ethernet switch.


Hi Mark.

If you are getting that many lost packets on such a simple network, there is definitely something amiss!

The lost packet counter is incremented each time a retransmission is requested (each packet contains a sequential number and retransmission is requested when packets within the sequence are missing).

You are probably best to examine the log file https://wfview.org/wfview-user-manual/log-file/ as this will give you more information about the lost packets.

I would suspect a full/half duplex mismatch if you are getting this many lost packets. If it is a managed gigabit switch, try forcing 100Mbit/s full duplex for your rig port (which is the maximum speed that the IC7610 can connect at.)

Having said all of that, if you are not noticing any breaks in audio and the waterfall and other controls are working, then I wouldn’t worry too much :blush:

73 Phil M0VSE

Hi Mark.

It occurs to me that you ‘might’ have mis-understood what the counter is telling you?

Loss: x/xxxx shows lost/total packets. The total packet counter will increase with every packet that is received, the number before the / is the amount that have been lost.

73 Phil


You nailed it! I misunderstood the display. Since the loss label was after the slash, I assumed that the number after the slash was the loss count. I’m actually showing 0 packets lost.