Low Audio on CW Mode (remote)

I am running a setup: 7300 - USB → RPI4B (Server) - Windows 10 (Client)
WFView Version is 1.64
When useing SSB/Data audio levels are fine: RXLevel up to -6dB.
In CW Mode I can barely hear any signals in the speaker and also RX Level in the WFView Client shows no movement of the needle.
USB Audio output of the 7300 is already set to 100%

Any hints how to poceed, any others having the same issue?

Hi Alex,

It sounds like you are quite close! Glad you found the audio meters, this is key to figuring it out.

Since it is only on one mode, can you check the DSP NR, Notch, Filter, etc?

de W6EL

Hi Eliott,

thanks for those obvious possible root causes, which did not come themself to my mind, hi.

NR and Notch are not accessible form WFViews UI, so I need to go onsite to the rig.
I will test it end of the week, as the station is not around the corner nad provide feedback afterwards.

73 de
Alex, DK4FT