Low audio output on remote connection

Hi all,

I have been fiddling over the last few days preparing to set my IC7300 up remotely with a RPi3 as the server. I am currently sitting in my room with the radio next to me connected to the rpi → lan → myPC and I notice that the audio output from my PC(Linux Mint 20) is very low. I am familiar with linux and all my outputs are at 100% as well as the AF volume in the program, however the received audio is far lower than the radio’s AF output. Even with my USB headset it’s hard to hear.
Has anyone come across this issue before? I know I could install something like PAVU control to boost my PC’s audio levels but just thought I’d put the issue out there. Hopefully in the next day or two I will get out for a drive in a Hagglund and go to the receiver hut off station to setup the remote radio. Constant blizzards have held me off so far. Due to the difficulty of getting to the radio I was hoping to solve this issue before I deploy it.
Any ideas welcomed

Best 73,
Paul VK0PD ( Casey Station, Antarctica)


the rig itself has also a setting where you define the usb audio output level – may be too low.

Thanks Roeland, I’ll check it out tonight.

That did the trick. Audio is much better now. Thanks Roeland

good to hear! (literally ;-))

let us know how yourstuff goes there given the remote location. Maybe you can show us a few pics of the remote location etc. If ok we could put it up on the website too.

Will do. I’ll get out on Saturday hopefully before the forecasted blizzard hits us and maybe get some photos as well as getting it setup.
Just need to try and get an IP reserved so that I know what address to point to everyday.