Mac OS and RC-28

Just want to say thank you to the team that have enabled us all to have a really neat piece of software that not only works on a PC but also on a Mac. I have spent considerable time using the ICOM software and only runs on PC. Not the most user friendly for setting up etc. Help here has been great and now starting to use the wfview. Simple clean and fairly stable. Mind you I have only used it for a week or so.
I have the the RC-28 and wondering if this is compatible on the mac OS verion of wfview. Would be pleased to hear back from any of the developers. Cheers and keep up the great work. Thank you guys!
Sydney Australia
Lockdown capitol of the world

Hi Jack.

Glad you have it working. Support for the RC-28 (and the Contour Designs Shuttle range of controllers) is something that I am working on and although I don’t have an RC-28 here, I have a device that emulates it so I hope a “real” one will work.

When this is released, it will support Windows, Linux and MacOS as it uses the multi-platform libhid library. I can’t say when this will be yet as it needs “a lot” more testing!

73 Phil M0VSE
p.s. Living in Leicester, UK. I would dispute Sydney’s title of “Lockdown capitol of the world” we only recently relaxed restrictions and have been in almost continuous lockdown since March 2020 :slight_smile:

Hi Phil,
Thanks for getting back to me . Good to hear that an update will be available in the future.
Suppose you right, We are just infants at this lockdown stuff. :slight_smile: If you need me to test for you let me know. Happy to do so.
Regards and 73’s