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I’ve tried use Wfview v1.64 on my MacBook running Catalina 10.15.7 but it doesn’t seem to run. I placed the downloaded file into the applications folder and tried launching from there. Tried a second download in case first was corrupted.

The Download site currently shows ‘Mac OS 15 16th July 2023’ - I presume that means 10.15.x but wonder if my OS is too old? Some other issue?

I do have Wfview working okay under Windows.

Any tips? Thanks and 73, Tony

I am using 1.61 on Montery.

Now, I download 1.64 and it did did not use old setting. so every settings are changed to absence.
So I go back to 1.61, but did not available old setting too.

I checked with DIsk First Aid, but no problem.

Tosy, JA6VZB also AH0T
Toshiyuki MORIYAMA

2023年8月23日(水) 19:03 Tony via wfview <>:

I just downloaded Wfview v1.64 and tried to run it on an old MacBook running macOS 10.15.7, immediately dies when I try to launch it and I haven’t immediately been able to find any relevant log entries in the system. Checking the system preference Security pane does not reveal anything, either.

On a newer MacBook running macOS 13.5 it appears to work just fine.

Mac Users: please use OS version numbers, not the Apple names for the OS

Addendum: “fine” is relative, I’ll file a separate bug report on initial setup weirdness, like having to toggle to serial and back to network to be able to set IP address and the like, hit “cancel connection” then “connect to radio” to get it to connect. This was a fresh installation on macOS 13.5

OK - so dumb question, is there somewhere I can download the older versions of wfview - so I can use on an older MacBook ?

I will have a better look on the download pages but couldn’t see legacy versions there when I looked quickly before…

thanks and 73 de Tony G0AKC

Okay Okay, so I can now see that older versions are available via the download page if I scroll down… As you were, sorry… G0AKC

Good morning Tony,

All previous releases are available at Older Downloads | wfview

73 Phil M0VSE

Hi Phil - yes, just found them (I should have checked better first). I’m trying an older version before I head off to Martlesham. Thanks anyway…

BTW I just mentioned your name in a DMUARS groups thread to Alex G8FCQ - you should see that in your email… Hope you didn’t mind…


Tony G0AKC

Hi Tony :slight_smile:
I didnt realise we both use WFVIEW :slight_smile:
Anyway - I plan to purchase X6100 as it features interesting stuff lol.

Anyway I am running currently this:
MacBook Air early 2015 - 13inch
OS - 12.6.5. (Monterey)

I am fine running all versions. I also have ooold 2009 - MacBook Unibody Aluminium. On this I can only run wfview 1.6, so I can not use CW keyer/memories which is pitty.

Anyway, I hope this helps

73 Jiri