Mic gain slider not operating

A great program and thank you to all your developers, it mostly works a treat.
I’m using W10 64 bit and version 1.64 of WFview with an IC7700 using the LAN. I have CI-V ON.
The microphone slider on WFview has no effect. Should it?
I’ve now adjusted the LAN audio input level on the IC7700 settings to overcome the low audio on TX (my fault, I’d missed that setting) but it would be nice if the slider on WFview worked. Is the level not exposed to WFview on the LAN with an IC7700? Or is it me?


The slider is supposed to change to LAN once your input is set to LAN. If it isn’t, it could be a bug. We’ve had very little reports with the 7700 so I do appreciate your feedback.

Can you try re-launching wfview and see if the slider changes from mic to lan?


de W6EL

Hello Elliott,
I’ve done a little more research.

If I set the slider to LAN in Radio Settings, Save and return to the main screen everything seems fine and the Slider is labelled LAN and presumably operates as it should. However if I shut down and restart WFview it resets the Audio In slider to Mic rather than LAN. It seems that Save ignores that setting.

If the slider is set to Mic it has no effect when moved but it does pass audio to the 7700.
If the slider is set to LAN it works as a slider and modulation proceeds as it should until a restart when it reverts to Mic.

Thanks for the reply

Hi John,

We rely on the radio to tell us which input is active. We don’t “save” that information. We query the radio on startup.

Can you verify if the slider, when set to LAN, actually adjusts the audio? We are sending commands to the radio for that but I can’t recall ever having tested it.

de W6EL

Hi Elliott,
If set to LAN the slider works.
It must be the setup query that is not working or the IC7700 is not sending it correctly.

Alternately, as the Mic indicator is showing and working on the LAN at start up it may be that the LAN function is being switched but the slider not activated .
Best wishes