MIC/USB revert when client quits

rig: IC7300 wf version: 1.65

Ok, here is a simple idea. Sometimes I like working remote on the radio, sometimes I like to be physically at the radio in the shack. But always when I’m at the radio its a bit off-putting to locate the MIC/USB setting (either in wfview or in the radio’s menu) and reset that back to “MIC”. (this of course usually happens after Ive tried 3 times to make contact with someone only to discover what went wrong)

So in this regard, here is a formal request for a new feature called “Revert my MIC”. Basically its a WF Settings option to have the wfview client revert back to “MIC” setting upon exiting the client.

If you have this new option enabled, then every time you close the client you get your MIC back for when you go and use radio locally. Conversely, when the client starts it automatically sets the MIC to USB .


I think V2 has that feature. Good suggestion.

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it’s on the list to be implemented yes. Obviously if wfview crashes it won’t revert. It’s like RSBA1 – if incorrectly exited, it stays on LAN.

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