Minor issues


Here are some uncategorized minor issues I see on the app :

  1. Transmit and Filter Show more buttons remains lit until an other widget is selected
  2. the Receive Filter 3 is not showing text detail in status bar (only 1 & 2)
  3. for the R8600 there is a preamp #2 in the list which does nothing
  4. idem for Antenna switch which does nothing
  5. the Band buttons most of the time does nothing. Time to time it is actually programming the VFO
  6. when hovering on the received channel on the spectrum I can see cursor change (hand or double arrow) but nothing seems to change when draging the mouse in one or the other direciton

I will EDIT and continue filling the list

Hi Stephane.

Most of these (and in your previous messages) are fixed in v2 which we are currently working on.

The bands in wfview use the band stacking register included in the radio, unfortunately Icom decided not to include this feature in the ICR8600, so wfview tries to emulate it.

The cursor changes when hovering over the receiver passband to allow you to drag the edges of the passband (and alter the filter width) . This can be tricky to use at first, but DOES work.

Antenna switch only works on radios that understand the concept of switching antennas, like the 7610. Similarly, the R8600 likely doesn’t actually have a second preamp.

V2 will be a complete rewrite using individual rig description files, at the moment, everything is hard-coded.



Hi Phil

Thanks for the feedback. Hoping to test the V2 soon then.

Tested again the passband hovering and the arrows are indeed doing the job, there is just a lot of latency in my case. The hand icon doesn’t seem to do anything.

Stephane F1TJJ

2 new issues found:

  • With the R8600 the DSTAR is not in the list of the modes !

  • Using the Contour Multimedia Controller with several instances of Wfview, this controls all the instances at the same time rather than the one selected ! Tested with 3 instances on 3 differents rigs

Save settings for each one separately and only enable USB control in the one instance where you wish to use it.

would be better to have the contour shuffle enabled on the active window only

new feature request :

  1. having the ‘Power Off’ command sent when exiting the application to avoid leaving the radio on

That then would be a setting I guess because if I want to power off… I will command that…