Mni thanks - is very top Version 1.57

Hi Scott,

That’s pretty neat. This means folks running their own wfview servers with a 7300 will get sidetone audio (with a little delay). I wonder if that trick works for the 9700 and 7610 over USB? Now it’s my turn to go check :slight_smile:

de W6EL

It’s there on the 7610, sadly not in the LAN menu though, but that’s to be expected due to the added latency of LAN connection.

73 Phil M0VSE

Thanks for this! I’ll probably never discover all the parameters in the Settings menu,

Yesterday I installed the daily build version 1.58. CW is already there! Great!!! I can also hear cw sound from my IC-7300 on the PC!!! what I would like is that the macros can hold more than 30 characters, about 50 characters. With some repetitions but also descriptions, it gets a bit tight at 30. Otherwise great! also with the bandpass and the audio!!!Super praise to the programmers!!! your Jan-Peter-DL3KVT

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I was experimenting with Squelch Vs AF audio to see which one responded quicker for Mute before transmit. My test revealed that Full Squelch (Mute) before Transmit Vs AF Volume = Zero (Mute) before Transmit was quicker and I did not hear any burps or feedback on the transmit signal. Thought I would share my findings.

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Kevin, WA6JKN


Awesome feature!

Kevin, WA6JKN

Hi Kevin,

That is an interesting method. It is true that commands generally get there before audio. I had not really looked at any solutions like that.

de W6EL


the 30 char limit is a limitation of the rig. I think if multiple blocks of max are sent could work but not tested. Maybe the rig doesnt accept a new block of 30 chars if the old haven’t been fully sent yet.