Mni thanks - is very top Version 1.57

Dear Phil, and to the community!
You have done a great job again with the bandpass spread on top of the waaserfall display and now probably with the workaround “cwcw” which is coming soon for the telegraphists in the macro layer!!!
I am thrilled and have on both systems, both as pi on the server and the client on the PC running version 1.57.
Many thanks to you. It runs great. My headset or speaker is now always recognized correctly!
Many greetings to you and the community
from Jan-Peter

  • DL3KVT -

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hi JP,

yeah, heading to v1.60. The cwcw branch is indeed a nice one and we need to finish off a few things there. Also some other small things ad then v1.60 is there.

Will might soon merge to master as well for those who only build the master branch.

I can’t even find WFview v1.57

Still V1.5 not working with IC7100 CAT is okay , virtual audio not working and server not able to connect
just recent found that Voicemeeter VAC audio with Flex1500 <> P-SDR<>WSJTx does not follow the bandwidth set in P-SDR
the Voicemeeter vac codec is only 250Hz wide enough for WSPR but can not set to f.i. 2k7 b.w.

the codec audio band band width seems fixed to about 250Hz and does not change
I am still searching for clues… as a radio amateur should do …

dag Jaap,

v1.50 is the current release. There are automatic weekly buids of the master tree as well and daily ones for the patreon supporters.

Now, If you can build from source, you can just build from master as well.
If you can’t … patreon, weekly or wait.

Now, we’re closing in on v1.60.

I can give you a list of things that are improved so far including v1.58 which is still in development.

  • 1.51
    Fix for squished screen
    Only request passband when there is a scope available
    Change default passband colors.
    Fix passband colorswatch
    Ignore second VFO scope data (for now)
    Silently ignore server audio issues if server is not enabled.
    Always use 8bit encoding for audio device names
    Make multimedia-plugins message only for Linux
    Add PSK modes to IC-7610 and to passband.
    Add passband for FM mode
    Added click-drag tuning. Needs refinement but it’s a start.
    colorpicker: Move to 3 columns
    passband indicator
    Remove logging of audio device realm
  • 1.52 added cluster spotting including color picker suport
    optional SQLITE in memory for spots (disabled)
  • 1.53 modified band buttons to look more alike the layout on the rigs
    audio selction combobox shows full devicenames
    Fixed color preset zero issue.
    Fixed unusual set of conditions in which manual CI-V address would fail
    to identify the connected radio.
    Fixed broken RTS preference. Added preliminary (and untested) support
    for the IC-703, 737, 738, and 756.
    added libs for suse builds; it also builds on leap 15.5
    Add skimmer support (setting not saved)
    Add AR Cluster support
    +1.54 Various wfserver fixes
    logging using termbin edge case fix
    +1.55 Compiles with QT5 and 6 now
    Many audio-fixes
    Fix wfserver device detection
    Prevent memory leak on exit
    Dawid Szymanski - SQ6EMM/SN6M ‘standardHFfix’; fixed missing 160m band
    Support hotplug audio on QT6+
    Remove Exception from RT audio as it doesn’t exist in newer versions of RTAudio
    Tidy-up device enumeration for Qt audio
    Log enumeration of audio devices
    Fix codec selection issue in both QT5 and 6
    Make sure compilation with QT5 still works
    +1.56 Rename in/out Formats to avoid confusion
    Fix all audio formats and some compile warnings!
    Add function to handle connect/disconnect
    Add option of popup alert
    Change serial port signal for QT6.
    Various audio fixes (needs checking with Qt5)
    Fix portaudio
    Fix for QTAudio when using QT6 and above.
    +1.57 Merged current shuttle code in. Note that it does
    not work yet and is commented out in the build process
    Fix invalid filter width being sent to rig by rigctld.
    Ability to drag the passband for a variable filter width
    Added preference for automatic sideband.

and 1.58 will contain the ability to send cw and have predefined macros for it, for rigs that have the ability to TX CW via CI-V. Like the 7610, 7851 etc (and iirc 7300, 9700 etc)

also added is a twin PBT control, if shift and a way to control filter width; it will reflected not only in audio but also visual for the rigs that support a scope.

We have a few things to iron out before 1.60 is available as release.

Doesn’t appear there are daily or weekly for Macos (even for Patreon).

No there isn’t as we don’t have a spare Mac that can be dedicated to it, and each build would require signing by Apple to be usable (which is a manual process)…

The Windows daily/weekly build is fully automated and runs on a virtual machine.

73 Phil

Jan-Peter, I just want to say, I really appreciate your message. Made my day. We will get 1.60 out soon to everyone on all platforms. Just a few more bugs and minor things to iron out…

de W6EL

I’ve been really enjoying wfview 1.5 operating remote with my IC-7610. One thing that is missing is an audio mute button somewhere close to the TX button. Thank you for your consideration.

Kevin, WA6JKN

Yes, I’m really looking forward to the 1.60 version and the cw option! why can’t you hear the cw sound of the macros? Not that I necessarily need that. Just out of interest. Best regards from the north of Old Germany :slight_smile: Jan-Peter - DL3KVT

Hi Kevin,

We do have a mute function in our issue tracker (see our gitlab page). We’ll probably get to it after 1.60 though, just in the interest of time. I’ve ran into that as well, where the person on the other side hears the tail of their own audio! Headphones help with this of course.

de W6EL

Hi Jan-Peter,

I guess Icom doesn’t send the sidetone audio over their receive audio stream because it’s not audio from the receiver. I’ve noticed the stream we get from the radio also lacks button beeps and speech. It’s too bad there isn’t an option to add it to the stream though, as I’m sure people would appreciate the sidetone.

I am quite curious if the IC-7300 sends the sidetone over the USB audio. Has anyone tried that just to see if it’s there?

–E (former 7300 owner)
de W6EL

Thanks, I see you guys are working hard on it
If it will fully work with the IC7100 (USB) server remote, I guess
I have to find out what tools are needed to be able to build a version.

Should be fine with the 7100.

These directions were contributed by a user a while back. They are a bit out of date but if you are familiar with the development process, then looking at these and at our install script for linux should get you close:

We have not merged most of what we’ve discussed into the master branch yet, but probably will in a day or two.

de W6EL

it does not send cw sidetones remitely. that would sound like a disaster…

I thought about this sidetone with CW transmission some more. Provided the local software like wfview or RS-BA1 does not accululate timing errors over the duration of the longest cw command stream sent to the remote transceiver, the remote transceiver and local software should finish at about the same time. I have been using RS-BA1 for (keyboard and macro) CW and it works OK in that manner.

BTW, I am having no audio issues with Qt (and likely PortAudio but I stopped using it) audio systems since I cleaned out all the unconnected audio devices using the Windows device manager with admin privileges and viewing all hidden devices. I can easily switch modes and earphones to speakers to WSJT-x (with no speakers). This same cleaning also helped my RS-BA1 software as well. I can use either, just have to reconfigure WSJT-x differently.

Thank you and the team for all your work on this project! Eager to try out the next stable build.

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the only right way is to generate the tone locally. I know that RSBA1 does that reasonably well.
We probably are going to add that some time but it’s more cosmetic for now I think.

v1.58 is just pushed.


I just had a thought, instead of a mute button somewhere next to the Transmit button, would it be better to automatically mute the RX when the Transmit button is pressed? I guess you would have to wait until the RX buffer emptied first before TX. IDK

Kevin, WA6JKN

I’ve been really enjoying wfview 1.5 operating remote with my IC-7610. One thing that is missing is an audio mute button somewhere close to the TX button. Thank you for your consideration.

Kevin, WA6JKN

Hi Kevin,

Exactly as you have mentioned is our idea too. Mute the unused audio stream automatically (with an option to disable this, for users with full-duplex radios like the 9700).

There may even be a way to save on network bandwidth, but I am not sure if it is practical to stop the stream itself.

This will be a post-1.60 feature most likely.

de W6EL


Awesome feature!

Kevin, WA6JKN

I can confirm that the 7300 does indeed send the cw sidetone (and button beeps) over the USB audio stream. It’s just buried pretty deep in the settings.

See here for instructions how to turn it on: | Side Tone and CW

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