Modulation input

Hi Team
My first post, hope I’m at the correct place.

IC-7300 question regarding the Modulation Input (Mic, USB, ACC).
I noticed that when I use the remote I place the wfview server Modulation Input setting to USB to access the radio remotely on my other computers running wfview , then when I use the actual radio local in my shack, I need to switch it back to Mic, and everything i’m doing works fantastic so far.

First Question, should the wfview server revert the Modulation input back to Mic when its closed, my concern is that the rig is not usable if my computer crash or if I decide to use a raspberry pi headless later on because the input stays in the USB mode.

That brings me to My second question, can the Modulation input be manually switched from USB to Mic at the radio, I can’t find a menu option to switch it back. Maybe someone knows.

Thanks for the hard work Team, maybe one day, vox remotely would be a want.

By the way, thank you all for a fantastic program.


Hi Bernie,

Setting the radio back to pre-wfview settings is a good idea, and we’ve toyed with this for several settings. We’ll eventually get that into the code.

If memory serves, you can change the transmit modulation source by going to:
Set–> Connectors and then scroll down to “DATA OFF MOD”, and set that to “Mic”.


de W6EL

Hi Elliott

That is the correct manual setting location, I would have never figured that out myself: Set–> Connectors and then scroll down to “DATA OFF MOD”, and set that to “Mic”.
For headless use it would be nice when a remote connection is done to the server that it would toggle automatically to USB and back to Mic on disconnect.

Thank you so much for this fine product.