Multiple screens

Windows install with multiple monitors:
Hi, I find that when the main window is dragged from the main screen, all the dropdowns stay on the main screen rather than following.

Hi Dave.

Sorry do you mean that parts of the wfview window stay on the original screen? I have never seen this and I regularly use Windows 10 with multiple monitors and drag the wfview windows between the two all the time.

Would you be able to do a screenshot or picture of what you are seeing as it sounds like it could be an incompatibility with the Qt graphics that wfview is built on?

73 Phil M0VSE

Hi, hope this image makes sense. left side with dropdown is main screen, wfview window is on another screen. It appears on further investigation that after startup each dropdown does this once, after which the dropdown flickers up momentarily on the main screen then jumps to where it should be. The Repeater window however consistently appears on the main window (you can drag it over of course but that’s not ideal) thanks.

Definitely a strange one, I have found this report which appears to describe a similar issue (with no fix)

As it doesn’t effect everybody (yours is the first report we have had) it is likely to be a difficult one to fix and could be related to an incompatibility with your graphics drivers (are these the latest version btw).

As for the Repeater screen, yes popup windows will always appear on the primary display, I’m not sure if this is configurable?

73 Phil

Not a biggie - I use a second graphics card AMD Radeon HD 8490 as well as Intel 4600.
Though I’ve not noticed any other apps do this. eg Anan/Thetis.


i have similar idea - split window configuration.
Main screen with controls and spectral screen with fullscreen mode configured separately for use with two monitors.

the pop-out of some parts of the UI are being considered