Multiple virtual serial ports

First of all, thank you very much for writing such a great program.

Can one have more than one virtual serial port? I would like to use one for flrig and the rest to other applications.

Happy New Year!

73 de Juan, NA0B

Hi Juan,

I recommend just using the rigctl server within wfview. You can connect multiple clients up using this, and it works quite well. I don’t think the code supports more than one virtual serial port.

Here is a link describing this:

Let me know if this helps.


de W6EL

Thank you Elliot for the prompt reply. I am using version 1.1 in Ubuntu 20.4 that does not have rigctl server. I upgraded to version 1.2d to get the rigctl server, but then I lost the loopback audio devices.
For the time being, I reinstalled version 1.1. The audio is back and I can control wstjx via the virtual serial port.

I thought that in linux it might be simple to add virtual serial ports, but I would not know how to do it.

Best wishes and 73 de Juan, NA0B

Hi Juan,

The audio loop back should be 100% part of the OS. We don’t have any code to do that sort of thing inside wfview. What may have happened is that the audio device names or numerical ID changed a little bit. You might need to re-select the loop back device in wfview, hit “save settings”, and relaunch.

The complication with adding more virtual serial interfaces is the internal CI-V router. Wfview carefully routes packets for each pseudo terminal. This way your other programs don’t receive data they aren’t expecting. I’m not saying we couldn’t add more, it just adds some complicated things behind the hood.

Give the audio a try and see how it goes. I bet we can make it work.

de W6EL