MultiPSK connectivity

I have a remote connection to a IC-R8600 working very with Win 11.
Can we get MultiPSK to connect? It is a good tool to viewing and decoding many digital modes . Multipsk works with OmniRig & another product to allow remote operation of receiver over a home network. However OmniRig does not support IC-R8600. Hence the question.

Hi Trevor,

You can definitely do this. wfview can create a virtual serial port for rig control (if that’s even needed), and then you can use virtual audio cables to re-route the audio into other programs, such as MultiPSK.

See here for audio: Audio Configuration | wfview

And here for sharing control using a virtual serial cable: Sharing Control | wfview

de W6EL

All good. Thankyou for the info, there had to be away to tweak it.