My Setup

Hi All,

Just getting back into using WFV, it’s been awhile and I have a few questions. My setup is as follows:
Server is a Linux mint i5 desktop
Client is a Windows laptop

  1. The windows version of WFV, has 7 sub-categories under “Settings”, the Linux version has 0 sub-categories, just one screen mostly dedicated to connections.

  2. Can I get access to the 7300 Menu system via the WFV client?

  3. What is the most convenient way to fine tune frequencies? I find myself clicking on the knob, then using the left/right arrows on tune.

  4. Volume out of client laptop seem low.

Any help on this subject would be appreciated.


Hi Frank,

If you only have one page of settings, your version is quite old.

I recommend uninstalling wfview and then installing using the build script, as is found on our Downloads page.

Do that first.

As to your other questions:

2: You can only access functions that we have programmed in to wfview, not the entire menu of the 7300.

3: The most convenient method to tune is to use the Contour ShuttlePROv2 knob. But you can also scroll wheel on the waterfall display. Shift and control are modifiers for the tuning step.

4: New version of wfview include audio metering. You can enable the audio metering for RxAudio, and then bump up the audio gain in linux using the usual GUI “Sound Settings” thing. Select input, select the 7300, and then increase the gain until it seems high enough.

Upgrade wfview and then let’s see how you do.

de W6EL

Thank you very much Elliott!!