N1mm and WFview?

Can N1MM control an IC7300 as a remote station over TCP? I have entered the radios IP-address int he N1MM setup windows. But I’m unsure of what port to use?
Backup option virtual com port works fine.
73’s SM0NOR

There is a TCP server within wfview which will allow you to connect N1MM+ to it (rather than using a virtual serial port) this is configured within the External Control tab in wfview settings.

N1MM+ can only connect to directly to an Icom radio over USB/Serial otherwise.

73 Phil M0VSE

Yes. Sorry for not being clear. I’m trying over the External Control tab. I was just not sure if it was possible. But now the first question is answered with a yes.
Then I was not sure what to fill in regarding the port? Do I chose an arbitrary number as long as it is the same in both ends? For example my.ip.ip:port
Ulf - SM0NOR

Hi Ulf.

In the port box, just enter any number over 1024 (that’s not already in use) then in N1MM+ enter x.x.x.x:port

73 Phil

Has anyone in this forum got this combo to work?

I get this error:

With WFview configured like this:

And N1MM configured like this:

Ulf - SM0NOR

This is working for me. You might try a higher port number.

Can you change the IP address in N1MM to “” and also make sure any firewall software you have is at least temporarily disabled for this test?

de W6EL

OK. I’ll keep digging!