New builds released 2021-05-15 today

we just uploaded new binaries for linux, mac and windows.

main changes:

            Small fixes for rigctld
            Make UDP port textboxes expanding.
            Selecting an antenna now sets that antenna for TX and RX.
            wfview now closes when the main window is closed.
            Filter selection now checks for data mode.
            Preliminary IC-7000 support. TODO: Input selection, modes, filters,
            reported bug with frequency input and s-meter.
            Moved the power buttons.
            Cyan for the tuning line.
            Resize UDP port text boxes (again!)
            ake UDP port textboxes expanding.
            Fixes to UDP server
            Hopefully improve stability of pty by filtering traffic for any other CIV id.

Note that the BSR (band stacking registers) does not work correct in this release yet and we’re
hunting down the bug.