New features CW - DSP

Hello Elliott and team!

I am glad CW now works very well indeed, altough UDP brings some issues on its own (when there is a packetloss exactly at a spot you send a CW Macro to radio, it will only play locally fro mpseudo-monitor) but anyway.

What I would like to see if possible at all:

  1. CW - WinKey emulator? Can we emulate serial port and accpet basic CW commands like WinKey v1 or v2 and then move them to just CW Sending? Only CW Send would be implemented
  2. RTTY - There is way to decode RTTY and use Serial2 of the USB SiliconLabs which gets text decoded feed. Is there a way to send RTTY same way as CW Send? Again would be great for Win-Test,n1mm integration.
  3. Front pannel - Can we add buttons like NR On/Off, COMP On/Off?
  4. Multiple radios server? I plan to add IC7300 to my IC7100 - shall I run two instances and use 50001-50003 and 50005-50007 instead? RaspberryPI4 is happy t odo so.

I know we have RIGCTL/HamLib which is great, i just can’t get to integrate Win-Test either using Omnirig as Omnirig wont allow me to use the virtual serial port somehow and doesnt do hamlib…

73 Jiri OK2IT

Hi Jiri

With CW we have a few ideas on exactly how to support it, and similarly with RTTY. Obviously both of these will only work for USB connected radios so not really something we are focused on at the moment, but we will get to it.

We are currently doing a lot of work on the front panel and various functions (including NR/NB/Comp) are planned.

For multiple radios, we have created wfserver, which is a standalone program with no UI, and if multiple radios are configured, the wfview client will present a box to select which of them to use. This is already part of the Icom protocol.

I know that Omni-rig polls quite frequently and gets lots of information at each poll, so that may be overwhelming the virtual serial port?

73 Phil M0VSE


What software are you using for virtual serial ports, something like com0com? I’ve found even recently that I had to reset my configuration in the setup utility for com0com and reboot to get them to behave with Wfview, even though one of the port-pairs was working fine with another radio. Sometimes you need to kick software to get it to behave.

Hi all

I use Linux or MacOs which is BSD so I refer directly to a ……/tty interface.


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