New test builds released today 2021-05-14

Hi all.

We have released new test builds for all platforms today.

The main highlight of this build is that the UDP server code is now working. This allows you to connect wfview to a rig and then use wfview to connect to this ‘main’ wfview on another computer.

The main reason for this feature is to provide LAN connectivity to rigs that don’t currently have it (IC7300, IC7100 etc.) It can be run on any supported platform (including Raspberry Pi). It will also allow you to ‘re-share’ a LAN/WLAN connected rig and should allow multiple remote connections.

To setup, within the wfview Settings page:

  • click on Server Setup and select enable. You may need to save settings and restart wfview to enable the user configuration
  • Optionally change the UDP ports to fit with your network setup.
  • Enter a username/password for the remote user.
  • In the main settings page, select the USB audio input/output devices for your rig.
  • Save and restart wfview
  • You will need to configure port forwarding of the UDP ports on your router if remote access is required
  • Enter the IP address/control port of the ‘main’ computer into a remote computer running wfview

That’s it.

Changes to the remote wfview (frequency/mode etc.) won’t always be reflected on the main version, this is something that we are working on.

Another enhancement is that both the virtual serial port (pty) and the UDP server, now detect the ID of the connected software and only forward CI-V data that is destined for this address. This should help with Hamlib based software that doesn’t like ‘unsolicited’ CI-V data.

73 Phil M0VSE


Thanks, Phil. This is great! Within 20 minutes I had my IC-7300 working over my home network. Thanks for the wonderful work you guys do.

Don - K9GR

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That is good news!

I successfully compiled the previous version on a headless Ubuntu 20.04 I keep around for miscellanea but was not having much luck trying to use it remotely. The latest will open up many more options.