New versioning scheme and release to come (v1.2x)


1.1 is out for some time and while it seems to be quiet at the front of development, it is not in reality.

We are working on several parallell things and test things out if a feature is feasible.

The stuff that works - we push to the master code branch and as you can see there is

  • audio-enhance
  • audioplugins
  • lv2
  • master ← this is where we always build the releases from
  • opus
  • portaudio
  • rigs
  • sequence
  • shuttle
  • ui-enhance

and some will never be in , some will. We for instance are also playing with lv2 plugins that can be used to do audio processing. There also is a branch where we want to have an USB device that mimics RC28.

now, when it comes to versioning info…

next will ben 1.2a, 1.2b etc until wel have a stable release which will be 1.20; if bugs need fixing, it will change into 1.21 etc. Next minor releases will follow this way.

A major release will be 2.x.

now 1.2a is almost to be relesed. If you want you can pull the master code and compile yourself. Some already have done that.

What will 1.20 be?

    many changes/mods/updates/enhancements to rigctld
    rigctld box added in the UI
    build process changed: you  can add the install prefix (derSuessmann)
    added "do not ask again" for switching off rig and exiting wfview
    added opus as audio transport 
    dual meter support

things to come in the future are filter settings, peak filters, nb, nr, dua rx, split mode, dual scope (etc)…

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For the wish list:

Make the program save the tuning knob setting. I like 10hz but every time I open the program it defaults to 100hz which is too much for cw mouse scrolling.

Great program I use every day.

73, George K4GM

Hi George.

This has come up a few times and although we could ‘just’ save the tuning step setting, it is a more complex issue as the ‘last’ tuning step may not be appropriate for the current mode, so we are planning a system where tuning steps are saved per-mode.

73 Phil M0VSE

HAve new 1.2a and works great! Two things: are you going to put color options in top Spectrum and also anything coming soon for more on the 7410? Tnx Ed 73

Hi Gerald,

The IC-7410 should work pretty well out of the box. There won’t be a spectrum display but the radio should work well. Icom ran the USB comms full-duplex to the processor on that radio. Please give it a try and let me know how it goes.

As for the color option on the top spectrum display, currently it can only be customized by manually editing the preferences for wfview. This procedure is outlined in the User Manual under Preference File. One of these days we’ll spend some time and write a UI for this, but for now it’s a manual process.


de W6EL

Thanks for the info. Love the program for my 7300 thus far. 73, Gerald Kb7aa