No Audio 1.2e Windows IC-7610

I had 1.1 and decided to try 1.2e. No audio to PC speakers with 1.2e. Went back to 1.1 and audio ok.
Something I am missing?

John N1JM

I changed the audio system to RT audio, once I figured out how to do it, and that worked. Port audio made the audio garbled. What is the difference?

John N1JM


sound is a sort of complicated thing when it comes to cross-platform software. For example, it may be that portaudio works the best for you while RTaudio and QT do not work well. This may be due to how your audion chain has been built on your OS.

It’s one of the reasons there are three ways to do audio. For instance, I gave a realtime kernel rnning (linux) and use rtaudio so hat I have a low latency. (difference between sound of the rig and when I hear it).

Now for some long distance, shoddy LTE connections I may need to revert to QTaudio. So it’s a matter of “if it works for you” basically. It’s hard to predict what works for your setup. It depends on your linux, windows or macos version too.

Also the sampling rate is something that not only changes the datarate but also the sound.

For the most you can go to 16 kHz rate before you really notice degradation in sound. Even going to 8KHz may be ok for you, if you listen to cw or ssb. A broader band AM signal generally detoriates if you go below 24 kHz but then 16 kHz may also be acceptable.

Thank you.
All this program needs is dual spectrums and this would be perfect for me.
John N1JM

at some point in time we’ll have dual spectrum scopes.