No audio locally IC-7300

I’m trying to get this set up with an ic-7300 on windows 11.
Here is what works and what doesn’t

RS-BA1: Locally and server no issues audio works fine
WFVIEW: Local no audio
WFVIEW: on my remote computer, no issues audio works fine

When i am referring to “local” it is a remote computer i am accessing via google remote or TeamViewer, like i said RS-BA1 works fine over the remote desktop connection so i dont think the problem is with Google remote desktop or teamviewer.

This is my first HF set up as a new ham so im pretty excited about getting it going.

Everything is working as expected!

There is no local audio in wfview for USB connected radios (on the computer working as the wfview server)



oh ok RGR that
thank you for your quick response and you time.