No audio output after updating to v1.2e from v1.1

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I was previously using the latest official release (v1.1) with my Icom IC-7100 connected to an Intel NUC running Windows 11. I was using the NUC as a server and connecting to it from my Mac as well as my Windows 11 desktop. All was working phenomenally however every once in a while I would experience freezes, hangs, etc which seemed to be related to the server side. Upon looking at the server during one of these freezes, wfview was maxing out the CPU on the server. The only way to resolve this was to force end the task or reboot. This issue would frequently come up during QSOs.

After reading through the forum, I saw some mentions of similar issues and that they were resolved in v1.2d. I updated both the server + my client this morning to v1.2e and was able to connect without issue, however I am not receiving any audio on the client side. I have verified that on the server side, there is audio being received from the radio and the USB audio levels in Windows are fine. I’ve tried different audio codecs and audio system settings to no avail. Any ideas on things to try? If you need specific log files, etc let me know - I’d be happy to provide them and help out however I can. Below is a screenshot of my audio settings on the client side.

Thanks for all you guys do!!
73 - Grant N3AAF

I was able to resolve this by switching to RT Audio as the audio system. Working beautifully and loving the improvements in 1.2e.

One of the issues that we have found when upgrading from a previous version is that it may not correctly identify the stored audio devices. When you switch between qt/rt/pa audio apis, it refreshes the input/output boxes, so you may find that switching back to qt will now work. On Windows, I generally find qt works about the best (with rt a close second) although it does depend on what audio device you are using and what native sample rate it is set to etc.

The main reason for adding the audio api selection was that there are so many different types of audio hardware and wfview supports so many different operating systems, you are sure to find at least one that works :slight_smile:

73 Phil M0VSE

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Phil, thank you for the quick reply and information - greatly appreciated. That makes more sense now and I noticed that behavior after clicking through the options in attempt to find a setting that worked. Interestingly, on my Windows machine, QT does not work, but I’m also using VoiceMeeter Banana as a virtual audio mixer/EQ so that’s probably adding more complexity to my case. Either way, RT is working great, and paired with Opus the latency is super low and audio quality is great. I’m super impressed with the audio quality I’m able to get from my 7100 that’s connected via USB.

Thanks again for the reply and for all your efforts on this software - what a fantastic tool!

73 Grant N3AAF

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