No Audio

I know this has come up a thousand time but I cant figure it out. This is on a remote station in Montana that I have talked about before.

I replaced the computer at the station and everything seemed fine. Good control, audio working but a day later I get no audio on the remote side and I don’t know why. The connection stats on the bottom of the window indicate no audio is being sent from the server from what I can tell.

Everything looks good on the server as far as audio inputs go, using the USB input/output from the radio

. I have Port 50001-50003 forwarded. Static IP on the computer.


Hi Erik,

A few questions for you:

  • What OS is the server?
  • What version of wfview is running?

There have been a lot of changes lately in this particular area, with significant improvements, but it is also important not to run vastly different versions of wfview.

Very soon we will merge the improved server and audio code into the master branch, and then you’ll see weekly betas and eventually a formal release.

But ok, for now, I would definitely check both server and client log files and see what you can find about the audio:

de W6EL

To answer your question on the versions Win10 64 on the server computer and it’s the newest version WFView available for download on both the server and client side. I don’t know what the number is but it was downloaded in the last two weeks.

But the problem was much more basic than that. One of the other symptoms was that as you can see on the screenshot the buffer is at 0 for RX latency. Also, the client-side would not close without error because of the audio connection issue.

I tracked down the fix, and maybe you can explain the why because it’s over my head. So the fix was the port forwarding on the server side. I was making some updates on that after installing the new computer at the remote site. I had Port 10003 set to protocol TCP. I use that setting on the RCForbs remote control settings. However, I remembered back a year ago when I set it up I needed to use TCP-UDP to get the ports to forward the way WFView wants.

Well in my messing around I had accidentally deleted the 50003 port forwarding and had to put it back in. I didn’t remember the TCP-UDP at first but I just figured it out yesterday when I was closely looking over all the settings.

So all is working beautifully on the remote and that was the fix.