No reaction in some menus

Please provide the following information with your question:

  1. Operating System: W10
  2. Method of download attempted (from, package manager, source code, etc)
  3. Radio Model: IC-705
  4. Method of radio connectivity (USB, WiFi, Ethernet, etcwifi
  5. Did you check the FAQ and read the manual? tried

Like what exactly? This is incomplete I guess

Sorry it cut me off. In the third settings menu the Modulation box light up blue on a click and nothing else and the adjacent box does likewise, blue and no content. I also cannot see any audio codecs. Thanks, JB

That usually means that no audio devices have been detected. Try disconnecting and select a different audio system (RT/PortAudio) as some audio devices aren’t always detected by the Qt audio system.

A log would also be useful, click the log button and “Send to Termbin” then let us know the URL you receive and we can take a look.