No receive audio on Pi server or Win 10 client

I’m using a Pi3B+ as a server, a Windows 10 PC as a client and an Icom 7300 connected via USB. (Versions 1.52 and 1.50) respectively) There is no audio output from the Pi headphone connector or from the PC speaker. The client can set the freq, mode, PTT, etc and I see the spectrum. But there is no audio. There is a long list of devices (?) to select from in the “Audio Output” and “Audio Output” windows. I’ve tried them but still no audio. (1) should I hear audio from the Pi server headphone jack? (2) Are there settings on the 7300 that need to be turned on/selected?

Here are the two logs:


how are the input and outputs configured of your audio devices at the pi?

are they your usb codecs from the 7300?

On the Pi - is the chosen output* to the audio jack - or to the HDMI?
BTW - the Pi’s audio jack is line out not headphones.
Use Raspi-config to select the desired output. See if the audio works before piping. Default audio on the Pi is to the HDMI (digital).

the inputs and outputs on the server pi MUST be the codecs of the rig. Else wfview does not know where the sound comes from or goes to.

If that is not correctly set, you can click whatever you want but it will never ever gives sound from a rig.

Hi Richard, I just set up my Equipment:
IC7300 connected to RPi3 via USB.
“lsusb” shows the ICOM as “Texas Instruments PCM2901 Audio Codec”,
so I entered “also_input.usb-Burr-Brown_ from TI-USB_Audio” as RX and TX input.
You should disable/enable the Radio Server after changing.
On the Client side, I am using a Macbook connecting via the IP Address of my RPi using the “opus 2ch/1ch” codec. This may differ from your Windows setup.
I did not test TX audio yet …

Give it a try! success?